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THE GUAJA. is a Portuguese brand of Prêt-a-Porter, which combines high quality, timelessness and sustainability in all its pieces. It was founded in 2019, by the hands of two sisters, who are still responsible for all processes associated with the brand.
In GUAJA. excels in its own design and production in the studio. It is this detail oriented vision that gives each of our models high quality and unprecedented customer satisfaction.
THE GUAJA. was founded with the premise of creating pieces that, due to their design and materials, will last in your closet for a long time. Each piece is a true investment in a closet that emphasizes elegance.
In GUAJA. We are governed by a zero waste policy, which implies a meticulous planning of each process, from the choice of materials to packaging, passing through the estimated demand of the market.
We give priority to organic, natural and biodegradable fabrics, such as cottons, linens, silks and even some viscose, however, you will also find polyesters in our collection. All our parts are limited editions, so there is the least amount of waste.
As far as our packaging is concerned, this is made of recycled cardboard and is plastic free, as are our cardboard labels.
However, and this being one of the most important aspects of GUAJA., sustainability is not just about respecting the environment, but also about supporting the surrounding community. Our brand is made by people for people and the impact we have on our employees is extremely important to us. We buy locally, support other local businesses and produce locally. It is extremely important for us to contribute to a more conscious and sustainable fashion market, with fair remuneration and abolishing all forms of exploitation around us.
In GUAJA. we have a particular taste to share with our followers and clients, through our social platforms, our Behind the Scenes atelier diary. Follow us on instagram, @guaja.studio and join our community.
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