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In GUAJA. all pieces are special. Made to detail, with all the care in our studio. We know that this is the affection, detail and attention that the person who wants to give this gift card deserves.

Choose one of the options of our GIFT-CARDS, which will follow in digital format,  through a code, via e-mail.

When you want to offer the Gift-Card, just forward the email you will receive to the recipient.

Gift Cards last for 1 year.

If the Gift-Card value is greater than the purchase value, the same code can be used in the next purchase and the remaining value will be discounted.

If the Gift-Card value is less than the purchase value, at the time of checkout, enter the Gift-Card code and the its value will be subtracted from the total.


One thing is certain, the person to whom you offer the gift card will have the opportunity to purchase a timeless piece, and a memory they will cherish forever.

Thank you